Natural Woman by Susan Gibb

52|250 thanks Susan Gibb for the use of her art, Natural Woman for this week’s flash. We asked Susan about this extraordinary image; here’s what she offered:

This image is a combination of images and effects. From a portrait photo I took of a friend, I selected the face and used a neon effect to highlight the frown and lines of the character. The background is a photo I took of a large maple tree covered with a light layer of snow applying the same effect, and merging the two to create the nature and strength of a woman as defined by her crowning glory.


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10 responses to “Natural Woman by Susan Gibb

  1. I am simply stunned by the strength, beauty and originality of this artwork that Susan created. I adore the woman and the tree as extensions of each other, a philosophy I also adhere to. Fabulous picture!!!

  2. amazing image – it’s like a glimpse of the soul of a tree. and great idea to inlcude this comment function for images.

  3. Thank you Susan, and Dorothee. D–you’re the one who got me started back into visuals!

  4. She’s like a dryad, sad and lonely. Lovely artwork.

  5. Susan, What a wonderful interplay between the two images. It’s hard to imagine where she leaves off and the tree begins. Strong, resonant message.

  6. Quenby Larsen

    I love this! — Q

  7. Walter

    Just enthralling work Susan, thank you for contributing it to the site!

  8. Thank you all so much; it’s exciting to have one of my first loves–visual art–shared with others.

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  10. Love this art — it has lingered in my mind since I first saw it a few weeks back. And now I get to comment here, too — thanks to Susan AND to Walter for creating a way for us to express our appreciation for the art on this site. Wonderful, Susan, just wonderful!

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