A like by Dorothee Lang

“Sea,” he says.

Her eyes are closed, her toes curled into his. “She,” she answers.

He doesn’t get it.

She paints the words into the air: sea, see, sie.

“They are alike,” she explains, “sea and see. And in German, it would be understood as sie, which means: she.”

“Homonym,” he says.

Now she doesn’t get it.

“Different words, same pronunciation,” he explains. “Definition of homonym.”

“Probably the very same word in German,” she figures, and searches for more of them.

“I,” she says.

“Eye,” he answers,

“And in German: Ei. Egg.”

Outside, a bus drives by, honks.

“One more?”

“Easy,” she answers. More. Is Moor in German: bog.”

“Okay,” he says. “Done.”

She beams. “That’s another one, actually.”


Dann. Then.”

“So then,” he says, his hand in her hair, and they both fall silent while their minds go hunting for more words that sound as alike as they feel that day.


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11 responses to “A like by Dorothee Lang

  1. guy

    Lost and therefore found. Nice.

  2. Oh, I have so many conversations like this with myself all the time … thank you for writing it up. Diese Geschichte, aah! es ist sehr süß! Danke schön, Dorothee!

  3. Thank you for this. On the S-Bahn I kept thinking about it… mehr, meer, mir, mere… and so on…

  4. Oh this is so lovely, Dorothee! There’s a feeling of closeness being established and it is confirmed by the ending. Well done.

  5. glad you enjoy it :)

    i / eye really enjoyed going on this homonym hunt. and yes, once you start finding them, they start to play in ones mind.

    here’s another: Find – it is like “Feind” in German, which means: “enemy”.

  6. Robert Vaughan

    My mind is a homonym most of the time.

  7. Kim Hutchinson

    Eye love the sense of poetic connection in this. Very nice.

  8. truly a story for the mixed tongue ones among us who are also mixed up minds continually mixing up words. excellent.

  9. Wonderful wordplay. I love homonyms, and hadn’t thought of mixing it up with another language. Very cool. And love the way you weave the story down to the final sentence. Peace…

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