Lemma by Guy Yasko

Ladies and gentlemen, i put to you that the runes are intelligent
texts. By ‘intelligent’ i mean something more than the physical trace of
intelligent beings, but being itself. As you know, opening oneself to
the runes brings one to a certain set of thoughts, as if one were
reading. This is no doubt the reason we refer to them with textual
metaphors, as ‘runes’. What do readers experience? Their own
memories. Nothing more. And yet every reader agrees that there is a
certain abstraction to the sequences and play of memories, a certain
patterning. Readers liken it to the visual patterning of migraine
headaches. We can only imagine. There is also the sense that memories
used by the runes are no longer one’s own. I have long considered such
statements mere paranoia. No longer. Our interviewers — whom we have
insulated from the runes — now experience a similar patterning of
memories, a similar paranoia. Something has been transmitted from
readers to interviewers, something with origins in the runes.


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6 responses to “Lemma by Guy Yasko

  1. This is a conversation, Guy. It continues on in my mind even after I’m done. Nice.

  2. intriguing and intelligent. “There is also the sense that memories used by the runes are no longer one’s own”. yes. also, if you’re the same artist who made the cover: amazing, love it.

  3. Interesting take on the theme!

  4. stephen

    interesting. i like this piece. the rune as parasite or as generative principle. perhaps there’s no difference.

    i like the voice here. for some reason, it sounded for me like it was being heard through a tinny loudspeaker.

  5. I felt like I was on a museum tour, pausing before rune-encrypted stones and the information passed through a microphone. Very cool. And has a sci-fi feel, too, with the underlying tension of the runes.

    Your art is phenomenal. Peace…

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