LOST IN SUOMI by Linda Simoni-Wastila

The map rested in my lap, a useless blur of ‘k’s and ‘l’s and ‘i’s. The GPS bleated unintelligible directives. I’d wanted to take the train, then the bus, to the cabin perched on the brim of the Arctic Circle, but Chris insisted on driving.
“Better to see the land of your ancestors,” he said. “Besides, we’re in no hurry.”

But I was in a hurry.

“See? North.” He pointed to the compass, smiling. “So rest. And trust me to get us to our destination.”

I closed my eyes. He was right, trust and rest; the chemo had robbed me of all my energy. The sun strobed through the birch forest, flinging dappled warmth on my cheeks. The crumpled map slid to the floor.

When I woke, the clock said eight at night but the sky looked like mid-afternoon. Chris rolled down the windows. Wind pummeled me awake, smelling of pine and some quality of freshness, of newness, I could not identify. He hummed softly and kept patting my knee.

“Almost there,” he said.

The trees thinned. I wanted to sleep more, but Chris cut the engine.

“Where are we?”

He helped me from the car. My hips ached. I leaned against him. Pine needles blanketed the ground. Then, the woods ended and sky spread before us, a never-ending canvas of liquid silver that melted into water, blue as his eyes, as blue as our daughter’s, now grown.

He squeezed my hand. “We are exactly where we need to be.”


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17 responses to “LOST IN SUOMI by Linda Simoni-Wastila

  1. This is such a beautiful story! It moved me and it took me to other places… A good GPS for the imagination. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful moment and you’ve enclosed it within this wonderful relationship. So very well done, Linda.

  3. Kim Hutchinson

    Very moving and lovely.

  4. Oh wow … did they stay? Tell me where it is, I think I need to go there … !

    • Matt, the Lake district — gorgeous! My father’s side of the family hails from that region. So very clean, so pure, and when the sky is perfectly clear, you can’t tell where it ends and the lake begins. You must go.

      And no, they did not stay past that moment. He needed to remind her the meaning of the journey. She needed to not catastrophize to her end. Peace…

  5. wow, linda, this is the stuff. great piece.

  6. Subtle and beautifully written. This definitely rewards repeat readings.

  7. guy

    This is lovely. You are on a roll, Linda.

    • Thank you Guy! Funny, I am having such difficulty writing these lately — my head’s in funky places, including my novel. But they are what they are, and they keep me writing new stuff every week, which is my purpose.

      Always love when you read my words. Peace…

  8. Loved the description of the silver sky. Nicely done.

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