Garmri by Matthew A. Hamilton

The resting place of Sohaemus
bends to the command of the Azat River
jagged hands fold in prayer with ricochets
of grey cold and mist

within the stillness of weathered stone
a hallway of light appears
the voice of the duduk speaks like a troubled soul
and calms the anger of hungry gods

the steps of nine walk toward the dark light.
flowers dance to the rhythm of yellow skies
children dream of purple shadows and the lost city
of the silver spear

here, all reality is swallowed by the past
ancient cracks bleed tears
white echoes give hope to old men
selling statues and rosaries and miniature temples

people have been walking here since the beginning of time
some are older than sand and rock
older than time
older than a whisper
older than God

I sit here, think about life and death
who I have been and what I will become
I take a bite of an apricot
I meditate on its taste
the sweet dryness of frozen leaves


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4 responses to “Garmri by Matthew A. Hamilton

  1. Al McDermid

    When considering where one has been and what one will become, mediating on the taste of an apricot is a good option. A pleasing piece of writing this.

  2. So poetic and with such fantastic images.

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  4. I somehow missed this last week. What a wonderful dessert to end my weekend. Peace…

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