Postage by Len Kuntz

The man on the bus looked familiar, like the monster she tried to outrun in nightmares.

At each stop, he took a new seat, edging closer. Within ten minutes, he was sitting right behind her, his garlic breath bouncing off the window.

Her hands shook so hard it was difficult to write. Andre’s name looked like the jagged line on a polygraph. She’d intended to invite Andre to the states. A postcard would limit how much she could say. The girl had the habit of scaring men off by being clingy or paranoid. Her last boyfriend had even called her psychotic. Not Andre–although distance and him being French might have accounted for his tolerance.

She gasped.

The man was pawing her hair.

When she jumped to her feet, he said, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

A kid on a bike dodged across their lane, and to miss him, the bus swerved sharply, sending the girl airborne.


When she came to, she was strapped to a stretcher in the back of an ambulance. “What’s going on?”

A uniformed man got in and locked the door.

Her throat caught. It was the man from the bus.

“You slammed your head pretty hard. Concussion.”

“But, but, you’re—“

“Sometimes people go into shock.”

“No, you’re him.”

He grinned.

Then she saw the postcard sticking out of his shirt pocket.

She pointed.

“Oh, that? Don’t worry,” he said. “I filled it out for you. Just needs a stamp.”


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10 responses to “Postage by Len Kuntz

  1. Creepy, kinda like the old Twilight Zone with William Shatner on the airplane. Thank You.

  2. This has a really nightmare quality to it – Twilight Zone meets the city bus. Ouch.

  3. Kim Hutchinson

    Spooky. I like it.

  4. Len

    thanks, you guys. yeah, i was going for the “Twilight Zone” on this one. i always loved that show. happy post thanksgiving.

  5. Twilight Zone came to mind immediately with me too, so whatever you did, it worked beautifully.

  6. If found this really upsetting, which is a sign of how well-written it is.

  7. Wow, you do serial killer creepy really well. I’m a bit envious as serious villians are hard for me to create.

  8. Oh this is way,way, way too creepy. If this were a TV show, I would NOT be watching the next episode! So it does its job very successfully!

  9. Very creepy, and very Twilight Zone. I can even hear her scream. Well-played. Peace…

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