Argonaut by Guy Yasko

The closing door chokes off the roar of the party. Interesting. He tries
it again. Same effect. He can see his breath in the bedroom. He pulls
his sleeves down and considers crawling under the pile of coats on the

— Drunk, drunker than i thought. Boots where are my boots?

He sits on the bed and tries to remember. His eyes spin upward to the
bookshelf. A code: The gift triste-tropiques suicide distinction homo
academicus the postcard. His coat sleeve beckons from the pile and
triggers memories of his boots.

Out on the street, hands thrust deep into pocket and collar turned up
against the wind, he announces:

— Dilettantes. Derrida for dilettantes.

The judgment promises to echo off the brick, but dies in the cold. There
is only the crunch of cinders under boots.


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10 responses to “Argonaut by Guy Yasko

  1. Doesn’t drunkenness bring out the philosopher in everyone? :)

  2. Can’t decide if I really like this one or really, really like this one. Am I missing the code? “The judgement promises to echo off the bricks….. Thanks for sharing.

  3. guy

    Yeah, Tom there is a joke in there (and in the title), but i didn’t think readers would have to know all those books to understand the piece. I could be wrong.

  4. Dawn Armstrong

    I too, have found myself in the position of wanting to crawl under the pile of coats. I like the sleeve beckoning him. It adds to the surreal feeling I get from reading this. When you are drunk enough it might seem like a sleeve could become animated and start to motion you over.

  5. Nice switching of pov, as it mimics the out-of-it feeling of being drunk and trying to focus. Nicely done.

  6. Kelly Grotke

    I like the code. And the door at the beginning, very much. Sometimes you just have to experience whether something is predictable, hehe.

  7. You perfectly capture the way being drunk/high alters perception. Not sure I got the entire code, but read this one thrice, which is a very good thing. Peace…

  8. Thanks for the reads and comments everyone.

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