Für Elise by Dawn Armstrong

As Bud shoved the mail into the slots he noticed the postcard. Christ another one of these sappy, wish you were here-but not really postcards. Then he read it. “Hey Baby, like what you see? I’m all yours tonight…Love, Elise.” He studied the picture. It resembled the old pin up girl posters his grandfather kept in his garage, only this was a photograph of a real babe. “Jeezus look at those tits!” he murmured under his breath. The girl was wearing black lacy lingerie, straps slipping off her shoulders. She knelt on a bear rug, knees on either side of its head. A blonde in black straddling a polar bear rug. Bud moaned and closed his eyes. Oh to be that smiling bear. Fuck the bear. Bud wanted to be the guy.
Elise was on Bud’s mind all day. On his break he used the mail truck to jack off. With Elise in his head he didn’t need much else. Later that night as he climbed into bed her image was still with him. Dozing, he heard her speak.
“I thought you’d never get home baby.” she cooed. Bud sat up but couldn’t see in the darkness. “Who…?” he asked. “It’s Elise, baby…I told you I’m all yours tonight.” He could hear her walking closer. “Ride me like the bear, bitch!” growled Bud as he rolled over.
“I AM the bear!” Elise snarled as Bud felt his back shatter and his skin rip.


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19 responses to “Für Elise by Dawn Armstrong

  1. Ouch, I’ll never go camping again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. guy

    The mailman masturbating in the truck is a funny image. Lot of potential in there. I wouldn’t have wanted to kill him off. He’s too pathetic and funny.

    There’s a retro vibe to this. Certainly with the image of the pinup postcard but also in the way the bear channels Jean Auel, S.C.U.M. and Andrea Dworkin.

  3. guy

    OK, if his back has been shatttered i’m guessing he’s going to be paralysed in some fashion. That could pose some challenges to masturbation.

    • Dawn Armstrong

      It all depends on how badly he want’s to masturbate. He may have to get creative. Is he really even paralyzed? Who knows what the future holds for Bud…

  4. Interesting set-up here.

  5. Al McDermid

    I guess those warning against jerking off were legit after all. Great set up and I loved the voice; you do guys well.

  6. Now ‘bear’ to me also has another meaning and I am wondering about that now with …

  7. Well, that didn’t end the way I thought it was going to! Loved the voice, the idea of the mailman reading mail and getting horny. I’d be curious about your other endings. Peace…

  8. Christina

    I like that bears style. ; )

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