Postcard from Garmisch, 1985 by Doug Bond

Can you believe it, that mountain on the front? I’m there! Hitched
down from Munich, totally crazy, 200+, but it’s the autobahn right?
and I’m like this is so NOT cool and can’t remember how to say slow or
even stop, so I just point to my crotch and scream, “Peeeeeeeee!” He
skids into a turnout, and I run down the road with my thumb out and
right away some really cool guys pick me up on their way to Garmisch.
I’m like “Hey I’m going to London to meet my sweetie,” and they’re
all, you know, “It’s raining there!” and “We have this boat in
Mykonos” and then I realize my coat, kinda got shredded, from the hike
up, when me and this guy are sideways on the mountain and dirt and
pine crap filling my sandals, sliding on my ass, hands getting all
sticky, but he pulls me up and then, like I said we had beers. So
Mykonos, sounds way cool! But I can’t wait to CU, but maybe, can you?
Like just a week or so? I love it that you were standing where that
Woodsworth guy wrote those poems. Oh, and that tape you sent, the
best! Kurt loves it too, says you have awesome taste. You really do.
CU 2 weeks, I’ll be tan, you’ll love it (no tan lines!) Hey look in
the mirror and say the words: Olive Juice…what’s it look like…that’s
what I’m saying, I’m saying it now….Olive Juice! — Betsy


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6 responses to “Postcard from Garmisch, 1985 by Doug Bond

  1. I’m left wondering what the main character is high on and if I could have some… :)

    Nicely done.

  2. Kim Hutchinson

    Lots of fun, and sounds like 1985!

  3. Shades of “On The Road” in the wonderful flying along style. Nice way you wrote out the story on the postcard here, Doug.

  4. Fantastic, that must be a huge postcard, or small writing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hmmm … she sounds like an opportunist, narcissistic and not to be trusted, despite her all-experiences-considered bravado. Still, I could just be jealous!

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