Postcards from Dad by Al McDermid

The first postcard was from the Grand Canyon, posted marked the week before. The message read, ‘Dear Penelope, This is where I met your mother. Love, Dad.’ A cruel hoax, being played by I didn’t know who, since my father had been dead for years, so many years that I’d never known him. To me, he was a young guy in a 25-year-old photograph.

The second postcard was from Las Vegas, where my parents had married, the card told me, though I knew the story already. My mom was on her way to LA, had stopped to see the Grand Canyon. My father had spent the summer hiking the canyon. Love at first sight, my mother had told me hundreds of times. When she was drinking, the tale was bitter, accusatory.

I had no idea who’d been sending the cards, but I couldn’t show them to mom since she still blamed herself for his death. They had left Vegas, heading for LA. Mom was driving and there had been an accident. Mom survived, Dad went through the windshield. She didn’t even know she was pregnant.

The third postcard was from Mojave, California. It pictured the desert, but the hoaxer had now gone too far; the card read, ‘Dear Penelope, This is where I died. Love, Dad.’ If I was to figure this out, I’d have to show Mom, but wish I had not. When she recovered, her voice still shaking, she said, “It’s your father’s handwriting.”


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19 responses to “Postcards from Dad by Al McDermid

  1. Spooky, we must have been separated at birth, my story is eerily similar. I like yours better. Thanks for sharing.

    • Al McDermid

      Thanks. I appreciate it, though your story feels more like a story rather than the beginning of something, which this was.

      And if we were separated, I hope you got the better end of the deal. LOL

  2. Thanks for this. I am fascinated by stories about the other side. In yours, there is a benevolent father making contact with his offspring. Love from the beyond…

    • Al McDermid

      Have to admit that I did not have that scenario in mind when I first wrote this, but I too like that kind of story and just may take it in that direction. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Kim Hutchinson

    Obviously, there’s more to this story! Well done.

  4. Yes, yes–carry it onward. There’s a lot more to this that fleshes out the relationships. Nice.

    • Al McDermid

      Just need to figure out he why of it. Is he still alive, having been abducted by aliens? Was his death staged so he could disappear? Is he actually communicating from beyond (Stella’s idea)? Is it a cruel hoax with nefarious intent? Perhaps an inexplicable catalyst for being the mother and daughter together. Hmm . . .

  5. Dawn Armstrong

    I was hoping this story would go the route it did. Thank you for that. So many possibilities for you to have fun with. I would like to see where the possibilities take you.

    • Al McDermid

      Thanks Dawn. Think I’ll ultimately have her consider all possibilities, but I still (maybe) need to decide what’s really going on. Any ideas, since you did want to see it go this way?

  6. Oh oh oh – there have been way too many spooky postcard stories already. Perhaps I am easily freaked, but this was very creepy.

  7. Spooky indeed. Potentially paranormal. I keep twirling the possibilities around in my brain. Def keep this one moving, nano or no. Peace…

  8. I like stories that go into the beyond, that calls the reader to use imagination, wonder and hope. This has a ton of potential and my desire, if it is your truth, is that you flush it out, continue into that abyss.

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