Two/Tree by Andrea Falkenstein and Robert Vaughan

Two/Tree originated in 1986, a collaboration between artists and best friends, Andrea Falkenstein and Robert Vaughan. Andrea had left her steady employment in Manhattan to go freelance, and I was leaving New York. We decided to co-create postcards, possibly inspired by shops in the East Village like Little Ricky’s that sold hand-made art. We passed daily the dozens of locations that had “posterings” about upcoming club events, art shows, spoken word. Temporary walls at that time in the East Village had layer upon layer of “art” atop other “art.” The collages seemed a natural replication of the street, like a Banksy tag might inspire a tattoo.

We had the time, we needed supplies: garbage bags filled with colorful flyers, oak tag, shears, and glue. And we were off! Hours were spent, crafting various themes of the 1980s, including but not limited to: Reaganomics, Star Wars, clubs like Roxy, Mudd Club, homelessness, wigs, poetry and poetics, music, artists, street life and language. Elements poured into the images: rain, snow, and sun had caused materials to wrinkle; time yellowed certain colors, edges frayed, giving them that perfect street appearance. We’d finish one and excitedly start crafting another, never knowing how much meaning they would have.

In all, there were 66 Two/Tree cards. Half had their first showing, exhibited at Bibliotect Bookstore in Salt Lake City for the Fall 2000 Gallery Walk. They were hung against a brick wall, and aroused great interest, conversations and acclaim.


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18 responses to “Two/Tree by Andrea Falkenstein and Robert Vaughan

  1. The postcards look great!

  2. Kim Hutchinson

    Very cool grahics!

  3. guy

    I like the ‘postcards’. Good idea!

  4. These are just wonderful–the collaboration and the history as well! May I ask if “Two/Tree” comes from “coupla-two-tree”?

  5. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for posting your comments and also to Michelle/ Walter/ and John for enjoying this project. “Two/ Tree” came from the NYC tough guy way to pronounce “two, or three….” An insider phrase between Andrea and I that just seemed right for this.

    • wonderful, robert, i really enjoyed these postcards. great tradition in germany, (political) art via postcards, until today – klaus staeck, john heartfield and others…these are fantastic.

  6. Betsy

    Who knew? I never heard about this or my memory is really gone. Really cool!

  7. Katya

    These are really great, timeless, so wonderful for all of my NYC memories as well now that I don’t live there anymore. Thanks, Robert and Andrea…and 52/250 for showcasing this art project!

  8. Fabulous! I love the art and the history behind it. So many 52/250ers are incredibly multi-talented. Thank you for sharing these here, each a small petit four of sorts to accompany the words. Peace…

  9. Theo

    You are never short of creative ideas, that much is certain, Robert! You and Andrea have created a postcard series that has stood the test of time. Very imaginative and cool! Thanks for sharing the inspiration. Art truly is all around us, no matter where we look, or are.

  10. JR Price

    Is that Hitler with the Nuns? An image through the crosshairs of a gun? A witch with the quote “It’ll be a blast!” These are beyond phenomenal! They are such icons of the times, so deftly captured images layered casually, and yet not so. I could go on and on, but am so thrilled that they come out of a box and into cyberland for all of us to enjoy!

  11. Cynthia

    Beautiful, haunting, lush, compressed collages that give us glimpses into an age long ago: one still fraught with some of the same issues we face currently. A timely documentation of the passage of time through art.

  12. Dez

    All I can say is WOW!

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  15. Carolyn

    These postcards are great…absolutely wonderful! Thanks for posting them…looks like you must have
    Been laughing

  16. Andrea

    We kicked and still kick some serious ass.

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