My Turn by Matthew Hamilton

i pour a bowl of Rice Krispies
stand there and stare at your
picture on the refrigerator door
it’s been three days
three days and no sound

i flip on the bathroom light
the goldfish are dead
you were the one to
feed them

I flush them down
the toilet
i wait for the water
to stop swirling
i grab my gun
and put it to my mouth


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5 responses to “My Turn by Matthew Hamilton

  1. Damn, that was harsh. I wonder what happened!

  2. guy

    Nothing. He’s still writing. He got well enough to talk about it. Eating was a clue he was on the mend, even if it was only Rice Krispies. (like that detail and the image of the toliet) Still a bit bitter though, but who knows, maybe that’s justified.

  3. Yes, the last two lines that I wasn’t nuts about actually are perfect when given guy’s take on it. I absolutely love the whole thing now.

  4. Oh, I just read the last two lines and wish I hadn’t … so that attest to their power. I flinched and said aloud , “Oh no” …

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