Postcards to the Center by Walter Bjorkman

Nov 20th, Megans Bay

Children!! Having so much fun on this 30 day cruise to the Caribbean and South America you gave us for our 25th anniversary. Pops is still wearing his black socks with the sandals, he has become a laughingstock with all the sleek, tanned South Florida crew onboard. I told him to at least wear white ones. But I hardly ever see him, he always has somewhere to go, and I caught him sneaking into the room at 2am for money!! I think he is hitting the tables pretty hard.



Nov 25th, Cozumel

Dad got thrown out of Carlos & Charlie’s last night, I was so embarassed – no one gets thrown out of there. He was dancing on the tables with a local named Concertina or something, and got into a fight with the manager when asked to stop. He was drunk as a skunk and is sleeping it off. – Mom

Nov 30th, Aruba

Well, here we are – I had to stay behind, your rotten father missed the ship. I guess when we find him we will have to fly to the next port-of-call. Conchita, who turns out to be a masseuse from the ship, is missing also. At least I know the house is in safe hands with my wonderful children.

* * *

“Mrs. Norman? The purser’s office wants you.You have a call from Nebraska, something about a drug raid and weapons in your house. Oh, and we filed the missing persons report.”


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6 responses to “Postcards to the Center by Walter Bjorkman

  1. Yowsers. I’m left feeling sorry for both mom and dad!

  2. Ain’t life a bitch? Nice movement here from plot point to plot point to yet another nasty surprise at the end. Well done.

  3. I just thought, Oh god, hasn’t that woman had enough!

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  5. Very evil, Walter. It’s not darkest before the dawn; it’s darkest before the end.

  6. Walter

    Thanks all – actually she went back to aruba to look for the rotter and found her caribbean love god instead, kicked the rotten kids out, got a huge insurance settlement, moved and is living a got my groove back kinda life.

    Al – great that you are going to past weeks & reading. I have found some gems I missed the first time when I do so as we get the quarterlies ready.

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