Crumbling Bridges by Jane Banning

“The bridge footing gave way. Just crumbled like sand,” said the man from the semitruck in front of me. His eyes were clear as quartz and he laid a warm palm on my arm as I sat in my car. Traffic was backed up for miles.

“Who the hell you talking to?” my husband asked, on the other end of the cell phone. His voice sounded murky, miles away at home.

“Just a guy,” I said. “I’ll call you back.”

The man took his hand away and eased it into his pocket, rocked back on his heels, exhaling a languid breath.

“How long will we be stuck here?” I asked him.

“CB radio says it’ll be a while. Long as it takes for this whole line to get turned around.” His forearms glinted with golden hairs, lying down flat and silky.

“It’ll be hours, won’t it?” I asked, feeling my face glow with an expected heat.

“Probably. Nothing anyone can do but wait and make the best of it.”

My phone buzzed again like an angry insect in my lap.

“Can’t you tell me what’s going on?” my husband asked. “Jeez.”

“Nope,” I said, something settling in me like warm pebbles finding their places. “All anyone can do is wait and make the best of it.”


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12 responses to “Crumbling Bridges by Jane Banning

  1. Al McDermid

    Really great last line. I love all the ambiguity, or the way what is unspoken, is laced through the story. Good stuff.

  2. Seems like the traffic jam might be a very short vacation. Lots of things hinted at there.

  3. Great scenario! Just love the way you’ve led up to the possibilities! Won’t be able to sit in traffic without thinking of this (and likely eying the street workers).

  4. I like how the title fits the crumbling relationship. Thanks!

  5. Hello Jane, so lovely to see you here! Naughty little story, so much ambiguity at the end. More than bridges crumbling here. Peace…

  6. Jane Banning

    Thanks! Pleasure to be read by you all!

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  8. Bob

    Love the images, the ambiguity, the quickening of her heart. Very sexy, very subtle, great metaphors as usual.

    – b

  9. Susan Reetz

    Great story Jane! Love the implied.

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