K by Guy Yasko


I have a K in the palm of my hand. It’s there because the Y-top of a
cyclone fence makes Ks in human hands. I can play ninths and tenths with
my left hand, but not even an octave with my right. I live with it. What
else can i do?


We had played together all day, but when i cut my hand, i ran away from
him. I sprinted up the alley holding my wrist, stomped up the wooden
steps of the back porch, and pounded on the door. No one. The woman from
upstairs took me to the hospital. I don’t remember Johnny being there,
though he must have been.


I was the last to hear. The news passed through friends, in laws, a
librarian and finally my wife: “Johnny is –.” She never finished her


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10 responses to “K by Guy Yasko

  1. Snapshot moments of his life. I guess they weren’t there for each other throughout their lives. So much was left unsaid. Nicely executed.

  2. That moment when past comes back to meet the present, the images sharply connecting one to the other; so well done.

  3. I love this triptych! You weave so carefully just the exact amount of words that capture the balance between past and present, and it’s packed with emotion as well. Great job, Guy!

  4. I really love this form, and you use it so effortlessly (it seems). Just the right amount of openness in the story to make me work for it, and such pungent strains of bittersweetness and memory – very nice.

  5. Thanks for the reads and comments. I’m flattered.

    No, it’s hardly effortless. Sometimes it seems that i do more deleting than typing but i know that can’t be right.

  6. Love the structure, the triad of stories covering so much ground. The visual K. I read this three times, I think it’s one of my favorites of yours. Peace…

  7. stephen

    nice work, comrade. i like this piece. i keep putting my hand over the third part and taking it off again, like i’m trying to make up my mind about something but i don’t know what. interesting.

  8. guy

    I wrote a version of this in high school with only the I & the II. In some ways i’m more satisfied with the high school version, perhaps because it is merely an idealised memory now. In any case, one could say that the separation occurs in II and the III really isn’t necessary.

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  10. Kelly Grotke

    I liked this a lot. and maybe had a similar reaction to Steve’s, then read your response. Separation, yes, living with a scar and then moving on, so three maybe brought out more of the enigmas of loss, causes and effects that happen outside one’s own field of vision. Very nice.

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