Palm of Your Hand by Murray Dunlap

The magic of driving is an activity taken for granted. But a brain injury and vision problems swooped in and took it away. That was three years ago. So now, having entirely lost my patience and sickened of the number of times I have fallen down walking to the grocery store, I have decided to take the ‘driving rehab’ required to be legal to drive, once again. In an hour, they will be here to ‘help’ me with this. Oh to have such a simple activity in the palm of your hand jerked away because someone else ran a red light and seriously impaired my brain…Unfair in an epic fashion. Unfair. But nonetheless, I have to play by the state rules, or no one will be happy. And so I sit, writing of course (as I am a writer), and wait for the palm of my hand to be refilled. I wait and wait, thinking of a time in the future when I will be allowed to drive to see friends all over the country. But really, to drive across the street to the grocery store -if just for that- it will have all been time well spent.


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5 responses to “Palm of Your Hand by Murray Dunlap

  1. Loss of independence versus public safety is a harsh reality. I feel sorry for this person.

  2. Really an intense look into this character’s life-changing event. Nicely done.

  3. Thanks for reading guys! And I only wish this was fiction…

  4. There must be an incredible sense of isolation, physical and psychological, with the loss of an ordinary act such as driving. I cannot imagine. Poignant stuff. Peace…

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