Dandelion by Michelle Elvy

Here, you say, take it
even as the wind
whirls it away

I clench my fingers closed
roll the dandelion in
and hold
you here

Mama, you say

I open my fingers
roll them out
aaaaaaaaatoward you
and we watch the dandelion
whisper away

you place your hand in mine
your monkey grin your lion mane
flying in the wind

A fistful of love
here in my hand
enough for a lifetime
here in the palm of my hand


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9 responses to “Dandelion by Michelle Elvy

  1. Is there anything more wonderful than dandelion bouquets from our children? Beautiful capture of a moment.

  2. So beautiful! One of the most wonderful things in the world is a child taking your hand. That brought a smile to my day. Thanks, Michelle!

  3. What a serene and loving image you’ve painted! Beautifully done, Michelle.

  4. I like how you close your hand round the two generations with the dandelion as a gift representing time. Great, thanks.

  5. This is lovely, Michelle. Just what I wanted to read after a long week of writing. Thanks for this gift of your lovely poetic vision.

  6. Thanks everyone. Short and sweet this week. I appreciate your comments and all of your energy so very very much!

  7. What everyone else said. Plus it is so cold here today, bitter even, and your poem melted the grey clouds and made it summer. Peace…

  8. Al McDermid

    A very sweet snapshot, and especially nice to be reading it here at the end after so many grim (though well-written) tales.

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