Let me whisper in your ear by Bernard Heise

When I hold in the palm of my hand the life of someone like you, about whom I’ve learned everything I need to know from the pronouncements you have splattered across television, radio, and the internet, and whom I now have before me in the puffy flesh, sweaty and pale, wheeled by frantic paramedics into the soul-scorching lights of my operating room after a hell-bent ambulance ride because the cumulative effects of a bad diet, lack of exercise, and vitriol finally sprang the corroded springs of your blackened heart, knocking you flat and breathless just as you were raising a glass of expensive chardonnay to your thin lips to toast the jackals who have made and kept you fat in exchange for promises to create laws that will assure vast profits for the few by perpetuating the misfortune of the many, and I look into your predatory eyes, still very conscious, and glimpse a flicker of fear but also the demand that I save you, I suddenly become a man of faith, knowing that the good Lord himself has delivered you to this table beneath my scalpel, and I wonder whether I should say a prayer that my fingers might slip, which they never do, or that a random infection might take hold, which rarely happens, or if I should simply show my gratitude for the opportunity I now have to serve my country and fellow citizens and apply the blade decisively, remembering that God helps those who help themselves.


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8 responses to “Let me whisper in your ear by Bernard Heise

  1. You can write my eulogy, but you aren’t allowed in the ER.

  2. I’m thinking he worships an angry god. Life and death in the palm of a doctor’s hand…

  3. Bernie

    An angry God? Is there any other kind?

  4. Wow. Breathtaking little rant, I like this character a lot!

  5. This doctor must have mastered circular breathing. That the attack is sustained and allows the listener no chance to respond adds to the aggression. Norman Bethune meets Don Corleone.

    Way back when Henry Kissinger was having heart surgery, GB Trudeau had his doctor voicing similar thoughts in a Doonesbury strip.

  6. THAT was a damn awesome sentence. Left me breathless. Brilliant. You should send this to Monkeybicycle — they have one sentence stories. Peace…

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