Magic Land by Eliq & Kids

Magic Land by Eliq & Kids

“The Child Within is a series of work I am doing with my son, Josiathe. He usually draws the pieces and I color them in. Sometimes I draw as well. Ever since he was old enough to hold a marker we have drawn together. Josiathe is my greatest inspiration. He keeps me joyful and light. We started these when he was three. He is now almost 10 and we have so many to finish. They are my favorite pieces of art. They are so precious to me.

Magic Land is by Josiathe’s second grade art class and myself, done with sharpie markers on bristol paper.”

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4 responses to “Magic Land by Eliq & Kids

  1. I thought this looked happy and beautiful before I even read your explanation. Now I love it even more.

  2. Just so full of life and movement–lovely!

  3. This art makes me grin. Bigtime. Peace…

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