Fanatic by Al McDermid

He sat down with no ‘hello’ or nothing and said, ‘I need to talk.’ Not, ‘we need to talk,’ like when someone wants to lay some serious shit on you, which I guess is fine since I can’t imagine what ‘we’, I mean, he and I, would need to talk about. Sure, I had a thing for him before, didn’t we all? I swear, have you yet seen such a beautiful ass. No, neither have I. So, yeah, I’d drooled over his finely sculpted glutes, but we were never, you know, ‘we’, which doesn’t matter, since he didn’t say ‘we’ need to talk, but ‘I’ need to talk. And that’s exactly what he meant. He must have just snorted a triple doppio. You know how converts can get. I swear, I could have been a cabbage, my head could have turned INTO a cabbage, right there, and it would have made no difference. He didn’t even look at the girls here. And I was where that lavender low cut, the one that really plunges, but, not even a glance. Yeah, he obviously REALLY needed to talk. What about? What else? New York fucking City. Yeah, he said it just like that, every time he said it, on and on, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, the energy, the clubs, the girls, the BOYS! No, I didn’t know that about him either, but yeah, whatever. Finally, I had to ask, “So, why’d you come back?”


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21 responses to “Fanatic by Al McDermid

  1. Randal Houle

    “So, why’d you come back?” to drone on endlessly about what a great place you left….lol Everyone knows this person. Nicely done, Al.

  2. Perfect, Al. Just simply perfect.

    • Al McDermid

      There’s that word again, Susan. I’m really liking you these days. :)

      And of course, thanks. I do greatly appreciate it.

  3. I fear I might have been this one, on the rare occasion I might still drone on about how GREAT new york is, and how boring, blah blah blah…you get the idea. Well, of course you do, Al, you wrote it this week! And quite admirably so.

  4. I really dig the voice and the discord this guy has for his “pal” – tight construction and fine delivery here.

  5. Kim Hutchinson

    “I swear, I could have been a cabbage.” :) I agree with Susan.

  6. What a kicker that ending. Snorted into my drambuie. Yes, I know this guy, we all do. Pitch perfect voice. Peace…

  7. The voice in this was awesome. I really enjoyed the narrator’s internal monologue. :)

  8. guy

    You know that bar on 115th & Lexington?

    Oh yeah.

    It’s a Burger King now.

    This guy was in-fucking-tolerable.

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