Nueva York by Dorothee Lang

They change style overnight

Reinvent themselves, merge

aaaaaaaaaTradición y future

Check in and out of clubs, hotels, lounges

Always on the hunt for

aaaaaaaaaLa look muy chic –

They walk down avenues, cross paths in perfect timing

aaaaaaaaaToday: fashionista ultraclásico

aaaaaaaaaTomorrow: fantasía urbania

Their secret code: la nouveau parfum malicieux

Their destination: unbranded


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14 responses to “Nueva York by Dorothee Lang

  1. Randal Houle

    Love it. Give us more language. Let it all just weave together. I could feel the city’s rhythms.

  2. I love what you’ve done with this, Dorothee. And what’s best is that even without knowing the language the reader can figure out the meanings. Nice!

  3. glad it works. i wrote this in Spain, while browsing the December issue of “Marie Claire”, a Spanish fashion/style magazine. i speak only a little Spanish, but was fascinated by all the fashionata terms – and by the name for “New York”, which in fact is called “Nueva York” in Spanish.

  4. Simply wild about unbranded.. a great destination

  5. As a former Nueve Yorker myself, you tapped a core aspect of the city’s appeal which is that of color, or colura…the mix of ethnicities that comprise the heart of us all.

  6. Len Kuntz

    this was really lovely. fresh and fluid. it felt like a desinger sketch of audrey hepburn.

  7. thanks for the feedback. yes, this mix of colura – thinking about it now, this language collage probably also was inspired by the dinner crowd, a vivid mix of Irish / Finnish / German / Spanish / English / Belgian guests.

  8. It’s amazing how many different ways you can take this theme.

  9. Oh, yes, definitely Nueva York– all the way!
    Really good poem.

  10. Kim Hutchinson

    Love this, especially the beat created by the language blend and the destination.

  11. This is so you! Love the meter, the international flair, the beat. Peace…

  12. Kelly Grotke

    there’s a nice flow to this piece, very urban – distant but nevertheless familiar and comfortable all the way

  13. Even without fully understanding the Spanish, I love it, love the sound of words like fashionista ultraclásico and fantasía urbania. Many thanks.

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