I’d Rather Be Fishing by Michael Webb

I stared around at the reporters. They had surrounded me in a semicircle as the players stretched and loosened up before heading out to the court. I had made my decision, which all of them had heard about, but they needed to hear it from me. One finally spoke up. It was Red, a curly haired Irishman from the daily paper.

“You going to start him, Doc?”


“But he’s your best player.”


I looked at the others- Sage, a slim, pretty African American girl from the cable channel, Rachel, a blonde from local TV, and Rick, a fat guy from a national magazine.

Sage spoke next, “So he’s going to play, Doc?”


They stared at me.

“You’re going to sit him,” Rachel asked, “in a game seven? For all the marbles?”


Rick chimed in, “He’ll fire you, you know.”

“Maybe,” I said.

The rule was, if you miss the bus, you don’t play, I thought. I told them that on day 1. It might get me fired, like he said. But if you don’t stand for something, then you don’t stand for anything. The rule is the rule. Be on time, I told them, and we won’t have a problem.

Go ahead and fire me, I thought. I’d rather be fishing anyway.


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10 responses to “I’d Rather Be Fishing by Michael Webb

  1. You’ve pitted one of the strongest allegiances in modern man (sports) against an old-time value and I just love that, Michael.

  2. Len

    nice take on the theme. it resonates.

  3. This was incredible. I love reading about strong characters that stand up for what’s right. Great job!

  4. OK, so stories about sport usually leave me cold BUT I really liked this story. And it’s nice to completely agree with a character’s stance. It’s always too easy to blame someone or something else for your own issues or faults.

  5. His stance seems a bit strident, considering it’s the last game, but I love his responses; the reporters all so serious, and he’s ‘Yep,’ ‘Nope’, ‘Maybe’. Hilarious.

  6. I agree with Al, his one-lined responses are a great contrast to the reporters’ collective stances in your innovative piece. Nicely done!

  7. grey johnson

    I liked your dialogue, and I also enjoyed the rule is a rule attitude. Well written.

  8. Terrific! He sounds like my Dad.

  9. I love his steadfastness. And yes, he reminded me of my father, too; an avid fisherman. I still have his hat ‘I’d rather be fishing’. Peace…

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