The Missed Bus by Joanne Jagoda

Every morning is a variation of the same theme. First I can’t find my glasses, my backpack, wallet, cell phone or keys. I admit I am scatterbrained, despite having plenty of brain power when it comes to physics and advanced math. The organization gene is clearly missing from my DNA. Unfortunately I haven’t changed my bad habits while studying in Israel doing my junior year abroad. Though I attempt daily lists and try to set my things out the night before, I still waste so much time running about gathering my belongings every morning.

This morning is especially chaotic. My glasses fell under my bed and I spent an extra fifteen minutes cursing and hunting for them. My trying-to-sleep, exasperated roommate is fuming under her pillow. Then half way up the block I remember I forgot my cell phone. I trudge back to my apartment shivering in the chill of this January morning under a stunning blue sky. I figure as long as I am going to miss my regular bus and be late for class again, I will rummage for my knit scarf and gloves.

Warmly bundled and finally confident I have my stuff, I head to the bus stop, a ten minute walk to the #18 which will take me up to the university. A deafening explosion shakes the ground and I hear a crazy cacophony of horns and blaring sirens. I start to shudder. That was my regular bus.


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13 responses to “The Missed Bus by Joanne Jagoda

  1. Great build-up here to an unexpected ending–well done.

  2. Interesting twist! It makes me think of some reasons to cheer whenever I miss the bus!

  3. Len

    you set it up nicely. great twist.

  4. Kim Hutchinson

    Great ending. Leaves you thinking…

  5. OMG, Perfect story. Thank you!

  6. Great story, really enjoyed the build-up and twist, nice surprise ending. Well done!

  7. Al McDermid

    Should have seen it coming at ‘Israel’ though I was too caught up in all the rich details and didn’t. Nicely played.

    And it’s great seeing another historian here.

  8. I now have a great excuse for when I’m running late. Great response to the theme. Peace…

  9. Oh, if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen …

  10. You handled the horrible “what if” really well in this story by making her morning kind of “normal” in the jumbled sense of mornings…
    and then…
    good story!

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