Cool Dog By Michael J. Solender

Cool quiet dog.

Do that one you did before. Before the rain, before I ran. Before I ran and before you knew how much I needed you.

Slay me, slake me. Slather me with all of you but don’t say one word. Not one. Don’t tell me lies like you love me and shit I don’t want to here. Do it like the first time. Like you want. Not how you think I want. It’s cool. I’m OK with that, no matter what you’re thinking.

Don’t think.

Just be.

Just do.

Do that one, cool dog.

Cool quiet dog.

That’s right. That’s right.

You know you see it, you see how it is. I’m waiting. Shh, don’t talk, don’t talk at all. Let it go.



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9 responses to “Cool Dog By Michael J. Solender

  1. this is actually for the next prompt “silence” and of course “here” should be “hear”

  2. Really nice, Michael. I like the rhythm of it, the nuanced meaning, the vulnerability that seeps through the commands.

  3. Kim Hutchinson

    “Just be. Just do.” Well done.

  4. excellent form for this, great quiet approach… “Slay me, slake me. Slather me…” – loved it.

  5. Even though you intended this for the next prompt, silence, before I knew that my mind was sliding it toward some bus theme, missing or bussing or just generally enjoying it overall whether relative or unrelated. There is a sensuality that comes through, and an invitation that is compelling. I really like this one!

  6. Al McDermid

    “Do it like the first time. Like you want. Not how you think I want.” What a telling line; so much back story right there, though I like it all, particularly the voice.

  7. Very different voice for you, but I quite like it. The slay me, slake me, slather me… may I plagarize ;^) Peace…

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