Perceptions by Derin Attwood

If I stop at the top of the hill and look around, I can see right out to the horizon. I see the trees, lakes, fields and sky. Close in, it’s green and yellow, the water cold blue. In the distance, countryside is blue and grey. The sky is vast, a myriad of blues, greys, lavenders and whites. In some parts, the sky and lake merge and the horizon disappears. Of course, if I come tomorrow, it’ll be different, the colours will have changed and I can see the horizon again.

From the bottom of the hill, looking up, I see trees, the hill and sky – white clouds on blue. The world is smaller, the horizon nearer. The lake in the distance has disappeared – the colours are louder. From here everything appears bigger. Am I smaller, I wonder.

The trees and the hill tower above me. But on top of the hill, the distance alters perception and I feel insignificant – but huge. The sky is massive, but I stand above everything. The mountains can sit on my hand – the trees are mere twigs on the ground. The colours are different. Grass has many shades of green, flowers glow like jewels.

Of course, generally I just trudge up the hill and down the hill, and I don’t look at anything. It’s there, but I don’t see because it’s always there. Or is it? Would I notice if it disappeared?


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12 responses to “Perceptions by Derin Attwood

  1. You created a visual for all those questions on life that we just can’t answer.

  2. A living metaphor. Nice philosophical bent to this.

  3. Deep, metaphorical, and complex. Just how I like em.

  4. Normally I don’t do this on this site but this just stood out like – as we say in Australia – dog’s balls: if you keep this story as it is, your last line should be, ‘Of course, generally I just trudge up the hill and down the hill, and I don’t look at anything’, and chop the rest off. It works better.

    • Derin Attwood

      Perhaps your’re right, and when I wrote it, I did stop there, and then I continued. There’s always that question – if we don’t see it, is it there?
      Of course if I had stopped there, you’d never have been inspired to comment, so maybe I did make the right decision.
      Thankyou for the input.

  5. Love all the contradictions here, and the lovely imagery. Like a meditation. Peace…

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  7. Barbara Lucy Hosken

    Your place is beautiful, but I think you should take the last line out too. Don’t try to ponder on all the questions t the same time.

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