Public Transportation, Ensenada by Bernard Heise

Public Transportation, Ensenada by Bernard Heise

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7 responses to “Public Transportation, Ensenada by Bernard Heise

  1. great photograph, bernard. such a dense atmosphere caught by you here. otherwordly. literally, from where i look at this.

  2. I really like the composition of this, how your eye is led through the photo. Perfect!

  3. As one who has visited or passed through Ensenada on more than one occasion, I think this photograph evokes the theme of this week at 52/250 in a unique, gritty, haunting manner. I love this landscape, the levels, and layers of shapes. Like an urban landscape can do, leaves me with the want of more.

  4. Bernie

    Thanks for all that.

  5. Arresting image. It feels like a piece of contemporary art, like an installation, rather than a photo. Really nice!

  6. This image has haunted me all week. The juxtaposition of the grocery cart with the bus, and you wonder (well, I wonder): where is the person who’s been pushing that cart? Rich colors and textures, too. Great stuff, Bernard. Peace…

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