Blessed Silence by Catherine Russell

She wandered through the tiny space; the deafening noise of the crowd drowned out everything except her pulse beating against her skull. Aunt Phyllis shouted something about her medical history. Cousin Bryan assaulted her with his newest dissertation topic. Her parents bombarded her with the latest gossip.

A miraculously unoccupied corner beckoned, and she sat. Her earbuds drowned out the din. Mp3 ocean waves washed over her. She forgot her pounding head, lulled by the roar of a beach she’d never visit.

She slept. A smile crept across her face. In her dreams, the apartment emptied, planes departed, and she sat alone in blessed silence.


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13 responses to “Blessed Silence by Catherine Russell

  1. I wish she could get to that beach. I want it so badly for her. Very good story

  2. Al McDermid

    “a beach she’d never visit” sounds just so sad; everyone that wants to visit a beach should, but the story is excellent. You’ve captured this moment so well.

  3. Really nice image of “alone in a crowd” and the natural escape of the mind. Well done.

  4. Kim Hutchinson

    The escape of silence, an excellent take on the theme, nicely done.

  5. So real, this interpretation of silence and how elusive it can be. I related to this one, and felt haunted by the the way she felt lulled by the roar of a beach she would never visit. I know what that feels like (former life). In any case, nicely compact and tight prose.

  6. grey johnson

    This was most appropriate for the season, Catherine. Nice read.

  7. Wow, she must have been at my wife’s aunts’ house last night also. I think we’re all searching for that beach. Mine has black sand the worlds’ coldest beer, an endless supply of conch chowder, and my sailboat anchored just off shore. Thanks for the gift of prose.

  8. Thank you, everyone, for the kind comments!

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  12. Catherine Davis

    Distillation of loveliness. MP3 ocean waves, so good. Dreams of emptiness & silence! Being “lulled by the roar of a beach she would never visit.” Yesyesyes.

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