Erzurum by Matthew A. Hamilton

i dig up the sands of my soul
because I am adopted
i climb into a dusty attic
my hands twist into ferns
I flip through photo albums
a silent war speaks to me
frozen bodies
a baby glued to his mother’s breast
pomegranate juice stains the sand violet
my legs turn to salt

i am a descendent of
an inglorious history
a history known but forgotten
swept away like a mother’s tears
my throat is clogged with mohair
i feel shame because i am a survivor
i cover my face in mud

i am worth twenty silver coins
a Mesopotamian handmaid
my buyer is kind but his wives beat me
they are jealous because
i am beautiful

they fear my power
i am the granddaughter of noah
the treasure of the ark
borne from the sea
my veins smell like
the red wine of Ararat


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6 responses to “Erzurum by Matthew A. Hamilton

  1. Amazing imagery, Matthew. A sad tale told with grace and nobility to the character.

  2. Kim Hutchinson

    The loneliness in this is disquieting yet lovely.

  3. Great details with an intriguing character. I like that you chose poetry again. A really wonderful job with this week’s theme.

  4. Wow. The imagery is intense — the pomegranate sands, the mohair-clogged throat. That last stanza — superb. peace…

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