In the name of the Lord by Alex Lockwood

It used to be a game. Like I guess every kid in town (in the world?) church bored the pants off us. So we messed around. After prayers the pastor with those shot-to-death eyes would say ‘in the name of the lord’ and the congregation would wobble and say ‘Amen’. But in the little gap of breath down where we stood we made our own prayers.

In the name of the lord. Poo. (We were kids.) (And while we were giggling, Amen.)

In the name of the lord. Stupid. (Amen).

We got older and braver. The words were pussy unless we did something too. We knew better than our parents that words were no good on their own. They needed acts.

So it was In the name of the lord. Poke.

There were times when the pastor used to whip the congregation up. Just kept going and going after prayers with that line like it was some holy mantra. All these mothers and fathers of our friends swaying with one arm in the air, repeating amen, amen. We left it late so it sounded like our words came first.

In the name of the lord Pinch Amen. In the name of the lord Amen. Stamp In the name of the lord Amen. Punch In the name of the lord. Amen.

And at home father would whip the buckle of his belt at us. Silence, he told us, In the name of the lord. Then we started hating god.


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9 responses to “In the name of the Lord by Alex Lockwood

  1. Oh, how things can get so fucked up for kids who are just trying to have a little fun. Really good story!

  2. I feel sorry for the kids, but how disrespectful! No matter what you believe, you should still be polite in church. It’s not like religion has ever caused problems or anything….

    Very well done.

  3. You’ve entered the minds of boys and then revealed their honesty against the lies of their parents. Great planning out of this, great revelations.

  4. Thanks readers, much appreciated. Merry Xmas!

  5. Kim Hutchinson

    Powerful ending to a well-told tale.

  6. Al McDermid

    I was cringing a bit at the sacrilege but that certainly speaks to the tale being well told.

  7. This is a very inventive tale with a powerful ending. Scary and real and the way you’ve interpreted the theme into this tome is cleverly spun.

  8. grey johnson

    Alex, you did a fine job of gathering up all the things that go on between the different generations during those nearly endless episodes. Very authentic, I think.

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