Proof of Silence By Randal Houle

One of the first senses a fetus develops in the womb is hearing. There must be a moment where there is none, followed by the newborn’s cries – a primal plea to never again immerse us in soundless oblivion.

I once obtained a set of noise cancelling headphones. My ears received nothing from the world around me. Where my ears were unable to hear, my mind took over, creating sound to fill the void.

But nature gifts to us small glimpses into an unknowable world.

Can you hear it?

It happens every time you sneeze. A moment of solitude for the soul, or what I like to call soulitude. Monks spend a lifetime attempting to create this euphoria, this epiphany of nothingness, this nirvana.

Mathematical Form:
Those that succeed, never come back, else their words nary escape. The waves of sound crushed in an inevitable black hole, an absence and a merging at once. (For absence of all = “o”; and merging of all things = “m” thus, “om” must be the mathematical equation to this problem.)

Behavioral Evidence:
There must be a cocoon of soundless oblivion waiting for us all. One from which not even the mind can recover. (You are free to refute this although soon enough we will all know.) I offer as proof: the final act of mourning people everywhere, the moment of silence – like a desperate attempt to connect with the void and a longing for soundless oblivion.


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7 responses to “Proof of Silence By Randal Houle

  1. I really enjoyed this, especially the link to the void in the beginning and end of life (and of the story). Really well done.

  2. You’ve touched on an inner reflection of humanity here, and have done it well, Randal.

  3. Kim Hutchinson

    Very creative! I like this form a lot. Nice, Randal.

  4. Intriguing and imaginative use of form, and method with this piece. Took on the 500 pounder and succeeded. I am blown away!

  5. John Riley

    A thought provoking piece in an interesting form. Enjoyed.

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