Still Small Voice by Michael Webb

Silence, she thought. When you’re hiding, tucking yourself into the smallest space you can find, silence is all you want- every squeak of a sneaker or creak of a joist may give you away. She could still fit in her favorite hiding spot, but it involved contorting herself quite a bit, and after a little while, her knees and back began to complain about the forces that were being exerted on them.

Other times, she thought, you hated silence- the hush that falls over a table when you’ve said something inappropriate, or the emptiness of a room with no one there that allows your inner monologue to take over and dominate your thoughts. Hiding here, tucked away, the house made little moans and shivers when the wind blew, but other than that, she heard nothing but the incessant chatter in her head.

“Nobody likes you,” her brain said. “You’re too fat. You’re ugly, you’re worthless. Nobody will ever love you. You should have never been born. Nobody cares about you. You can’t do anything right. Clothes don’t fit you right, and it doesn’t matter anyway, because nobody looks at you.”

She looked down at the hardwood floor between her knees, looking at the red droplets that faded to a darker, purplish hue as the wood soaked them up. In the end, she thought, silence is all there is.


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11 responses to “Still Small Voice by Michael Webb

  1. this girl/woman is such a self proclaimed misfit, and she doesn’t even “fit” in her old spot, nothing fits here, i love how you themed this through the story.

  2. Want to give this girl a hug. She doesn;t fir in anywhere, not even ‘her’ hiding spot. Peace…

  3. She’s hiding away from the voices in her head. Sad and terrible. You portrayed her thoughts very well.

  4. Al McDermid

    Oh, the chatter. Sad when someone actually listens to it, but you’ve conveyed it perfectly.

  5. Oh dear. A sad story, but I felt an inner horror story waiting to happen …

  6. You’ve given us an almost childlike beginning, with hope and anticipation, and swiftly turned it into reality that’s heartbreaking. The ending is like a long note that hangs in the air. Beautifully done.

  7. Kim Hutchinson

    Beware of the still, small voice. Heartbreaking and wonderful.

  8. grey johnson

    Michael, you gave us that endess rattle and internal chatter that just gets louder. No wonder she wanted to check out. You have a good handle on this, I think.

  9. Wonderful internal voice that drives the story balanced against the character details that you open with. Very intriguing character, deep exploration here.

  10. I am a sucker for a good fast tough punk rock song with wistful lyrics.

    That’s what this is. It’s brilliant in it’s presentation. You don’t feel anything fake about her. Perfectly done.

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