Cows in Silence by Catherine Davis

A cow wanders onto a roof and falls through the skylight. It is a calamity, but such an innocent mistake. Mightn’’t you wander onto a roof once upon a full winter snow in Vermont?

A cow climbs a gravel mound in Virginia, perhaps to see what it can see in its little corner of the world. Not much gain in elevation, alas, and then that sinking feeling. Up to its armpits when I spy it from the road. Good job on saving that cow, my friend tells me later, after calling its owner to inform him. You know Junior’s just going to go whack it over the head with a hammer, and there’s dinner, don’t you, he says.

Rushing dizzy into headlights out of the late rural blackness, a cow, stock still staring, in the middle of River Road. Collision averted by the skin of my teeth. Few seconds further on, reconsidering, I u-turn. This cow is booking it like nothing you’d believe when I catch up. Cow herding by Volvo, but then it turns into a field. Mississippi 911 is blasé: where is it now? I don’t know, I say, but it’s fast.

This cow is curled by the fence a few feet from the sparkling aqua pool where I swim. This cow is white, all its friends are white too. Beauty beside beauty within beauty — this is France.

All over everywhere, cows train in a single direction across vast pastures, harking to some silent, inner compass.


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14 responses to “Cows in Silence by Catherine Davis

  1. Lovely, lovely story. I grew up with cows, I’m fond of them. They are stupid and beautiful, at once. They can also be affectionate.

  2. The friend with the hammer needs to learn some compassion and beauty.

    Well told.

  3. So unique, and so wonderful. Cosw are gentle souls. Peace…

  4. Carla Davis

    I love your cows–and I too feel like I have fallen through a skylight. Cow herding in a Volvo–not fair. I am on the cows side. They rest so peacefully. Why not I?

  5. I love cows, revere them, always have and always will. Thanks for this!

  6. Kim Hutchinson

    Lovely story. I like the cow hearding by Volvo!

  7. susan

    This is great stuff, Catherine. If a cow fell through the roof of a weekend home would it be heard (or herd?)

  8. Cow Frieze! Original! Thanks.

  9. Catherine Davis

    Thank you all for reading and commenting. I’m delighted with your responses. On behalf of cows as well, those who abide underappreciated.

  10. kelly

    thanks for the meditation on cows, which made me smile and reminded me that there’s a lot out there yet to know (about cows certainly and maybe even other things too)

    • janice meredith

      The images are beautiful. Since I am from Wisconsin I am a friend of the cow world. Some think they still wander the streets of Milwaukee.
      Jan Meredith

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