Enter the Silence by Dorothee Lang

In the morning, she stands in the kitchen, waits for the water to boil while the morning traffic floated by on the street below. Her neighbour is up already, too: she can hear his TV, the morning news: a stream of voices through the wall.

She doesn’t want to hear the world yet, switches her CD player on, listens to Dream Café #2 while she has breakfast: Siesta del Sol and Walkabout. In the shop where she works, there’s a different kind of music playing now: Santa songs, to improve the sales. White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, and Jingle Bells, over and over.

Finally her shift is done.

“And now?” her colleague asks.

“Now, into the water,” she says and smiles.

She has brought her bag, the safest way to really go there, especially in winter. As always, the water feels cold at first. Even here, in the public swimming hall, music is playing. She listens to the tunes while she slides through the water, is surprised to hear Heroes de Silencio, on this Thursday in December: Entre dos Tierras.

Later, in the attached sauna, it’s world music: Indian guitars, esoteric flutes. The speakers also cover the room with the loungers, the one with the sign “Quiet, please” at the door – as if silence was a dangerous state, best to be avoided.

Lying there, she wonders what would happen if for one day, silence entered the world.


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9 responses to “Enter the Silence by Dorothee Lang

  1. I empathize with her. Sometimes people need to be distracted from their own thoughts by the noise around them.

  2. Great feeling of movement through the story, the music carrying her through her day until she stops, rests, but the music goes on and she wonders. Nicely done, D!

  3. Kim Hutchinson

    Good question! What would happen if silence entered the world? Great flash.

  4. yes, what would happen?
    maybe i should go and explore the question in a story.. next year :)

  5. John Riley

    Your story made me wonder if silence has ever entered the world. Is silence possible when our own minds never stop making sound? An excellent, thought provoking story.

  6. This is a provocative question and a great prompt for a story, I agree. A multitude of possibilities from this one. What a nugget for a writer!

  7. The water made me think of the amniotic fluid, and the silence of the womb – but then, of course, there is no silence in the womb! There is no silence in life… I go away thinking… Thanks!

  8. I could feel her slip into the water. Underneath is silence, one of the beauties of swimming. Provacative question — I seek silence, and solitude, every day, and every day both elude me. Peace…

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