TABLEAU by D.L. Tricarico

The mute blue skies are a canopy

For the infinite fields and the whispering

Squirrels and rabbits become

The dumb court jesters of the morning.

A brown hawk steadies his wings

And soars, but goes nowhere.

Surrounded by a congregation of trees

I sip my coffee, and my connection to the land is absolute.

Jesus is in the red clay of the earth, and in the rustling

Of the leaves I hear the silent arias of God.

The hawk spins, arcs, and falls.

A lone rabbit listens, one ear cocked

Toward the absence of sound.

For a moment, all movement stops,

But the canyon speaks to no one.


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9 responses to “TABLEAU by D.L. Tricarico

  1. A mystical, spiritual beauty in this well written poem by someone who obviously revels in nature. Lovely work

  2. God is in the details too…. Lovely.

  3. Beautiful, Dan. I love nature too and find a God in the wind. I love what you’ve done here with movement and appeal to the senses. Nice.

  4. Kim Hutchinson


  5. Thank you, ladies. You flatter me. You already know what great writers I think YOU are, so to hear it back means a lot. Thanks again! Dan

  6. Hey Dan,
    So psyched you are here this week! What an imaginative poem, quite like nature in that sense. And how sensory details ring through the entire superb piece. Loved it!

  7. Beautiful. Not only a poem but a meditation. I know where you find your God. Thank you for this. peace…

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  9. Thank you, LindaSW, for your very nice comment. Peace to you, too.


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