Silent Stream by Walter Bjorkman

Silent Stream by W. Bjorkman

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10 responses to “Silent Stream by Walter Bjorkman

  1. Beautiful, Walter. Just beautiful. Peace…

  2. So gorgeous. I have been to this spot, perhaps in a dream? Thanks for this, Walt.

  3. So beautiful and peaceful. Love it!

  4. Wallace

    I’m transported here now. Thanks so much for this one, Walt!

  5. grey johnson

    Lovely and peaceful. I can almost hear the snow crunch with my steps, and I am wishing to see someone in the distance.

  6. Walter

    Thanks all – have a good weekend and hope to see the great flashes you have all been doing continue into 2011. – Walt

  7. This picture really is lovely, and shifted me when I stared into it. A sense of familiarity, and silence. Comforting.

  8. Catherine Davis

    Sparkling cold winter beauty you’ve captured here. Like very much.

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