Bitch at Heart by Susan Tepper

Their kid was ugly. The mother was ugly and the father was ugly. What chance did the little kid have? People said what people always say: What a cute kid— stuff like that. The parents beamed. I could never bring myself to say it. My husband told me they would hold it against me. I’ll take my chances I said.

On Tuesday we went to dinner at their place. What a mess. Newspapers from a hundred years stacked next to the cold fireplace. Junk strewn everywhere. The wife stirred things in a pot then stuck in her bare hand to fiddle with some string holding the meat together. Not even out of the pot and already I’d lost my appetite.

My husband made a big show out of smacking his lips and making hunger noises. It got unbearable. I pushed the meat around my plate eating a few carrots. When we got home he told me off for not eating the meat and that started a big screaming match.

The next day the husband phoned to say it was obvious I did not enjoy myself at their place. My own husband protested saying I had a wonderful time but was just a bitch at heart. And that they musn’t take me seriously


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17 responses to “Bitch at Heart by Susan Tepper

  1. Len

    i love your writing. it always flows so well and feels urgent. you never disappoint. “the bitch” is another good one.

  2. methinks with a husband like her’s i’d also have bitchiness in my heart. another great one, susan. peace…

  3. What a terrible husband! I really liked the story though. :)

  4. Randal Houle

    She should set HIM on fire… ha! Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. oooh….

  5. Catherine Davis

    What fun, Susan – enjoyed! Love “I’ll take my chances I said.” Great one-two punch of an ending.

  6. wow. it’s a fun story indeed.

  7. John Riley

    Great force in this and the characters are vivid. Great job.

  8. Such a betrayal in the end.

  9. They do try hard, but never seem to get it right. Nice one, Susan.

  10. thanks to everyone who read and responded. a back that “went out” on monday makes sitting too long difficult. it’s been a tough year, health wise. wishing everyone at 52250 a MOST WONDERFUL, PRODUCTIVE AND “HEALTHY” 2011 !!! (myself included)
    xxx susan

  11. Kim Hutchinson

    A good story and a strong character, a really unhappy woman. I felt for her.

  12. Oh dear! The wife stirring the pot is the witch, right? Thanks for this story.

  13. grey johnson

    Well written and enjoyable as always.

  14. Al McDermid

    Great piece of writing. I love her and her honesty. ‘I could never bring myself to say it.’ Yeah, I love her. Is a divorce in her future?

    Sorry to hear about your back; I can’t stay sitting for long either. Hope your back thing is temporary.

    • Hi Al, well the back thing is starting to drag out which has me concerned. So sorry to hear you have trouble, also. I’m doing back exercises and walking every day despite the pain.

      • Al McDermid

        I bike mostly because it’s easiest, but push myself to walk as much as I can. The trouble is usually not too bad, just always there.

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