Multiple Simultaneous by Catherine Davis

We are all multiple simultaneous.

We could have, should have, seen it coming, but who would have believed? Only doctors of decadence – say Orwell, Burgess, Burroughs, Wells – name your own fave flavor. Lick twice. Nice.

Merrily we roll along, beep-beep: Fashion!

Your next plosion could be your last, or best. Do it in the road. Ankle bracelet yourself to your twin, cause it’s going to be one crazy ride, kids.

Is is IS. Definition please, bailiff. Thank you. Gavel that, gang.

Yes. Yes indeed.

After the CHIP, forget it. Hush-up internationale, mais bien sûr. The black market in anti-transmission helmets will very billionaire those who dare.

Go cataclysmic. Too late! Done that, next please.

Multiple simultaneous. Just breathe, breathe. Activity classification ancient. Can you remember? Autonomic has evolved: zoom zoom.

Did not report spontaneous combustions planet-wide, especially incidents occurring in USA. Messy as spaghettios splattered out of over-boiling pot. Did put on the lid, fyi, ‘i’ being classified, and totally inaccessible.

Circulate, regenerate. It’s the new prehensile. Grab a sharp pencil and stickittotheman. Through your temple, otherwise, if you want to get off.

One two three, one two three, one two three – in case that helps. But as we are bi-podal, wtf??

What would a mollusk do?

Multiple simultaneous – so if you can’t keep up, they probably – heh heh, yeah – know what to do with you. Don’t cry to me sister, I have my own load.

Say it with me now:

Multiple simultaneous. Multiple simultaneous. Multiple simultaneous.

Repeat as necessary.


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6 responses to “Multiple Simultaneous by Catherine Davis

  1. Len

    odd, clever and very sharp writing. you packed a ton in here. i really liked it.

  2. I have to admit that I didn’t really ‘get’ this, but the rhythm was really interesting.

  3. Catherine Davis

    Thank you guys for coming by and reading. Glad you thought the rhythm was working G! Thanks very much, Len, for your enthusiastic response to it – very cheering. (Maybe TOO odd, except in the rare odd instance, perhaps?) I appreciate your feedback.

    G, don’t worry, (I’m not sure I get it either) – though I will say that it does scare me.

  4. This leaps off the page. Great meter and mouth-feel (say it out loud). Peace…

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