Protest by Matthew A. Hamilton

He walks to the middle of the street and sits down, crosses his legs. The war is three years old. He is calm and patient. Soldiers watch him closely. They are afraid. His robe intimidates them. A crowd gathers. The man pulls out a book, opens it. His lips move in silence. Then he places the book on the street and raises his hands. He snaps his fingers. Calico flames, like tamed cats, crawl up his arms. He returns to the earth in peace. By his death, he teaches others how to live.


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5 responses to “Protest by Matthew A. Hamilton

  1. Your words brought back images in memory. Well written, noble and honorable.

  2. Kim Hutchinson

    A powerful moment. I like that he returns to the end in peace, his purpose fulfilled.

  3. Such a short, powerful story.

  4. Wonderful telling. Powerful. Peace…

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