Reiki Master by Linda Simoni-Wastila

The morning Merilee disappeared, my lover died in a fire that started and ended in her queen-sized bed. The fire department declared arson, perhaps self-immolation, although they never found traces of accelerant. But I’d discovered Twenty-One Love Poems spread open on the rug, and remembered the heat from her hands stilled inches above my mons.


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12 responses to “Reiki Master by Linda Simoni-Wastila

  1. Len

    holy crap! this is powerful. a tiny stick of dynamite.

  2. Whew–nice one, Linda.

  3. Al McDermid

    Love what isn’t written here. Very sly indeed.

  4. Kim Hutchinson

    The compact form increases the power in this one. Great ending, too.

    • Thanks for reading Kim! When I am really drawing a blank on these themes, I choose a constraint (55 words, drabble, prose poem) and make myself work within it. Short-short forms seem less intimidating than 250 words. So whenever you see really short work from me, know it’s because I’m having difficulty with the theme ;)

  5. I am left with twenty-one Love poems spread open on the rug, explosive like … Great stuff! Thanks.

  6. guy

    I suggest it was Miss Scarlett, in the bedroom, with the Kama Sutra.

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