Texas City by Guy Yasko

Now that one over there, she’s more my type: little dangerous. See the
eyes, the mouth? Stormy — but that’s because there’s passion.

Don’t mind if i do. Thanks.

Logistics — operations, container shipping. No, you wouldn’t. You
really wouldn’t. It was just as boring in Vietnam. Different ports,
different stuff, same old shit. Been doing it too long to get out. I’m
supposed to keep a lid on costs. Sure. Goes without saying. But you tell
me if some pissant jiggering of operations is going to get you going in
the morning. Don’t think so. No.

Me? Because there’s always the chance that something will blow. You
wouldn’t believe the shit they put in these things: You have your
weapons, your fireworks, lithium cells, pistachios, nuclear waste,
ammonium nitrate — there’s a classic for you. Ever hear of Texas City?
Blew a couple planes out of the sky. You get containers of that stuff
and you’re checking on that ship every five minutes. They’d can me for
sure. Out in a blaze of glory.



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7 responses to “Texas City by Guy Yasko

  1. Well written dialogue here, Guy. It tells us much about the character, more than just his job.

  2. guy

    Susan, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

  3. Nice dialogue here. I keep wondering what the other part of the conversation was, even though it’s implied. Good work!

  4. stephen

    nice. interesting format, leaving the interlocutor’s space blank so the piece becomes double, reading what is written, inferring it’s mirror image in the blank space, and doing it in a piece where the voice is so straightforward. it’s a way to bait the reader into playing a more conceptually intricate game than they might think they’re playing.

    as an existential aside based on my remote past, let me say that there is nothing—at all—-more boring than pushing papers around to do with container shipping. it’s like boredom is a sport. yeesh.

  5. Sunk in the mind of a terrorist. Wonderful monologue going on here. Gripping stuff. Peace…

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  7. guy

    I must confess that i mined our converstions for some of this. Two things stick out from those conversations: the giant rubber ball bouncing up and down the east coast and the boredom of shipping.

    The form was inspired by telephone conversations in old movies.

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