The Orbit of Planet X by Grey Johnson

Threatening to cross the Earth’s elliptic

I lumber fatly

Too big to be like Jupiter, too small to be a star

I have no sky clique in the shape of a mythic beast, no A-List identity

Only a troublesome borderline pathway, too dim and distant to be clearly determined

I think I will vary my route, in my sullen brown dwarfish way

Graze the surface of the earth

Mate with the sun

And blow all the telescopes to burning bits


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7 responses to “The Orbit of Planet X by Grey Johnson

  1. What an interesting twist; the cosmos turning the tables on us!

  2. I liked having the story from the planet’s pov. :)

  3. “lumber fatly” — sooooo good, wish I had penned. most excellent response to the theme. peace…

  4. Kim Hutchinson

    A planet with a complex! Cool concept. Love “lumber fatly” and “Mate with the sun,” a source of power.

  5. A planet with an identity problem and a lot of attitude! A nice, creative way of looking at this theme. Thanks!

  6. grey johnson

    Thank you for reading an commenting. I miss Pluto, and I think it must have hurt feelings.

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