New Year by Michelle Elvy

Helen slept in dreams of gold. Everything exploding, which was not frightening at all. The explosions were beautiful, wondrous, and left her feeling calm and light.

House-job-commute: kapow! Broke-down car: kapow! Snotty sister: kapow! Cheating husband: kapow! She lined up those things and said (or did not say because it was a dream after all): Off with your head! And their heads fell right off. Just like that. It happened with the flick of a wand (she had a wand, somewhere, and she might have even yelled Expelliarmus!)… or maybe just a withering glance (yep, that worked too).  Simultaneously all those things exploded, evaporated, dissipated into thin air. Even the yappy dog from next door — one raised eyebrow did him in.  A year’s worth of jammed up stuff was simply gone and the air was clean and she could breathe — in her dream.

Helen awoke with a flash of giddy golden light all around her as the dream lingered. Then she glanced up to the water-stained ceiling, heard the whir of the fan, felt the dull grey sheets hanging heavy on her body. She glanced at the grey lump in the bed beside her, snoring in oblivious peace after the late-night celebration, his breath the usual mixture of alcohol and cigarettes. She leaned in close, said: Kapow.  And whispered to herself: Happy new year.


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9 responses to “New Year by Michelle Elvy

  1. Len

    terrific piece. i love the gold scattered in, the punchiness, and best of all, the ending.

  2. Catherine Davis

    Beautiful, vivid. Love the “kapow!”s. It a kapow! piece.

  3. love the momentum of the story.

  4. Oh how it appeals to that part of us that wants so badly to make the world nicer to live in! The dreams that we hold onto in those few moments between sleep and reality. Nicely done, Michelle.

  5. Funny with an ominous ending.

    >Even the yappy dog from next door — one raised eyebrow did him in.<
    My favorite line!

  6. Kim Hutchinson

    Wicked fun, Michelle! Well done.

  7. Kapow! I want to dream in gold. I like how her dreams gave her the courage to say kapow to her reality. Peace…

  8. Very well done! I like how she discovered something in her dream that is going to make her new year truly happy. I like the wisdom here: it is not about changing the (real) world, rather about changing our own way of seeing the world. Thanks!

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