Wig in the Water By Garrett Socol

Isabel Regal, the grande dame of New York whose nickname was the Wicked Witch of the West Side, drowned in her own bathtub.  The shrew had swallowed a few sleeping pills, then she decided to take a bath.  Unfortunately she dozed off in the tub as the warm water ran.  Her entire apartment flooded.
The gay male couple living in the apartment below noticed drops of liquid dripping from their ceiling, and decided to investigate.  They rang Isabel’s bell and knocked on the door for a good three minutes.  When water began to seep out from under the front door, Barrett Cooper continued to bang and ring while Nick Lowell bolted downstairs to alert the building manager.  The manager managed to open the door, and the men immediately noticed Isabel’s auburn wig floating across the dining room floor.  Along for this little water excursion were Isabel’s brooches, watches, and several vials of prescription medication.  One theory was that someone had been in the apartment when Isabel drowned, and the guilty party rifled through her things, perhaps searching for drugs or cash. 

Isabel had been known to knock over nuns when rushing for taxis, and refusing to wait for a table at any restaurant.  The New York Post ran with the headline: Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead.  The police asked Isabel’s playboy son Bobby if he knew of anyone who wanted her gone.  “Yes,” he admitted.  “Basically everyone she knew couldn’t stand the sight of her.”


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14 responses to “Wig in the Water By Garrett Socol

  1. Oh wow, how horrible! But yet the image of the floating wig tickled me. I know, I know…

    Nicely written!

  2. It is horrible, but delightfully so. The image of a wig drifting through bathwater is now in my brain for good, well done!

  3. Terrific focus on the details of this, well done.

  4. guy


    The floating wig makes this one.

  5. Len

    from the opening line until the end, there was a great pull to read this through. i kept thinking of leona helmsley. nice.

  6. Love that auburn wig. Fun read.

  7. Great details, and name choices really fit this almost court report, or tabloid review. I love the choices you made and that ol Wicked Witch (poor soul) made for a great tome.

  8. Kim Hutchinson

    Love this, especially that she drowned in her own bathtub, and yes, that wig! What a wonderful romp!

  9. creative, terrific re-framing of the witch kill scene from Oz….unforgettable image…the wig floating along the dining room floor. Loved it!

  10. Fantastic story! Very vivid, and fun.

  11. Well, that was a super and unique take on the theme. Surreal almost. Love it! Peace…

  12. She sounds like a typical New York woman! Who waits for a table or a taxi in NYC? You will wait FOREVER.
    Poor Isabelle– a woman after my own heart. ha ha!
    sorry she died. funny story!

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