Stay by Michelle Elvy

I keep you here
behind the wild green of my eyes
in the sticky black of my lashes
under the chewed pink of my nails
in the dry back of my throat
behind the bitter red of my tongue

And sometimes when your
lingers in my world
I think you are real
and then I wish I could
unsift you through my fingers
back to when you were more than

— back before you
floated away on the full moon’s tide


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10 responses to “Stay by Michelle Elvy

  1. Randal Houle

    Oooh, I really liked this one. The style lends itself to floating. Nice, and glad that I read this week from last to first.

  2. Catherine Davis

    To unsift… marvelous. I like how she keeps hm, and where. Yes, this urge, how very true.

  3. The poem involves the reader as deeply as the character absorbs her man. Lovely and hard, Michelle.

  4. Len

    i loved this. the language is so striking. it’s the best poem i’ve read in some time. i’m printing it out.

  5. For any of us who have gone through loss (and who hasn’t? Simply being born, we all do!) this poem speaks volumes. Lush language, and moving imagery. And depths of sad.

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Loss and love go hand in hand. They are so naturally bound together. Glad you like the images in here, thanks for reading.

  7. Lovely Michelle. I so wish to unsift those I’ve lost. Peace…

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  9. Kim Hutchinson

    Love the way you play with language in this, and the whole poem. Beautiful.

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