Downstream by Tom Allman

My body is stuck in an inner tube bobbing slowly down our little river. My mind is moving somewhat faster. I zip past a paddle wheeler whose cub pilot is marking twain. Then, after shore leave in the Big Easy, I ship out to the Heart of Darkness to find the White Whale.

My bony old butt scrapes a rock and I have to paddle like an upside-down turtle back into the current. Under full steam again I scoot by Gilligans’ Island and render honors to Darwins’ Beagle. Soon though, I arrive at my ultimate destination, my tiny kingdom somewhere in the Pacific.

This is where my dreams always end, in a hammock under the bluest sky you’ve ever seen. Every morning the children gather flowers to weave into my crown. In between sunrise and dinner I manage to fend off European invaders and a giant squid. This is the somewhere I’ve never been that is more familiar to me than my own skin.


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7 responses to “Downstream by Tom Allman

  1. I think this is my favorite by you yet. Love how you wove book titles and themes into the story, and the ending was fantastic.

  2. Randal Houle

    Yes, the callbacks to popular works put this “floating away fantasy” into a dream within a fictional world. I liked playing here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely presentation here, the fantasy we all indulge in.

  4. Len

    i agree with gandymeyer about the titles and killer ending. a perfect landing.

  5. Also really dug the use of fictional titles (especially for a writer!) and the ending so effortlessly precise.

  6. He dreams in book titles (reminds me of a Keane song, Perfect Symmetry).
    Love the yearning here, and you nailed the ending. Perfetto! Peace…

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