Haunted by Al McDermid

Instant, searing pain, then . . . nothing, followed by a vague awareness. He stood gaping, too shocked to speak, watching his body slump to the floor, and finally, surprise at the realization. ‘She shot me! The ungrateful brat actually shot me.’

What had happened? It was after hours, in the kitchen of their restaurant, his vision, his skill, built with her money. They’d been arguing. He’d made his play and she’d found out. She’d threaten to push him out and he’s slapped her. And then . . .

He floated above the scene, near the ceiling, looking down, watching her remove his clothes.

“Who’s in charge now, bitch,” she spit as she knelt and began cutting with one of his best knives. “Take my money, then think you can push me out? Did you really think me that stupid?”

He howled with rage, at being dead, at being killed, at being killed by her, knowing she’d get away with it; a kitchen offered many ways to dispose of meat. His silent screams went unnoticed as she continued to cut.

‘Okay, reality check,’ he thought, ‘I’m a ghost. I can haunt her. I can haunt her into the grave. Then, when she’s dead, I can torment her ghost.’

He looked down with new purpose, but she and his body were indistinct and far away. It was his last thought as his ghostly essence dissipated through the ventilation ducts.


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11 responses to “Haunted by Al McDermid

  1. Randal Houle

    I like how he thinks he’ll get revenge, and… Very nice.

  2. This was so cool, unusual, and I love the thought of that moment of knowledge before being sucked into the air duct.

  3. Len

    gritty. some great touches. “a kitchen offered many ways of getting rid of meat” and the ventilation ducts. you write with flourish.

  4. Sucked out an air duct… What a way to go. I guess his vengeance floated away too…

  5. Playing with different dimensions in this piece to an effective impact. Nice touch, light and with depth simultaneously. Well done.

  6. Kim Hutchinson

    Ooh, this is creepy good! Nice take on the theme.

  7. Al McDermid

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I’m traveling and have very limited access and so cannot comment as usual. I have a lot of reading to catch up on; thankfully I head home tomorrow.

  8. Hey, we had the same kind of story! Though yours is much funnier. So glad he’s going to spook her — hahahaha! Safe travels, my week’s also been limited. Peace…

  9. But will he get his revenge???
    Very weird and interesting. I liked him up there looking down as she dismembered his flesh…

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