Homeless by Matthew A. Hamilton

His cheeks crack
in the razorblade wind.
His mind, full of craters,


into a bottle
of bourbon.
His shark eyes
roll over white.

He takes his last breath.
His body nestles inside the
stairs of a subway entrance—
a corner of dancing nightmares
he calls home.


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8 responses to “Homeless by Matthew A. Hamilton

  1. Randal Houle

    razorblade wind… nice images. quick and deadly. too bad for him, maybe bittersweet as he is “home?” Look what you make me do in just a few words. Good job.

  2. You know I’m not as into poetry, Matthew, but this is just awesome.

  3. Len

    this was sharp and biting, no pun intended. each word worked. terrific.

  4. You always choose such perfect words.

  5. A powerful piece and I love how you give “voice” to those so less fortunate than us. A great reminder of how to use the gift of prose, of poetry. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Kim Hutchinson

    Razorblade wind, mind full of craters… Some awesome writing in this short piece.

  7. Love the image of jumping into a bottle of bourbon. You have heart, Matt, one reason I love to read your words. I see this man every day, and his friends. thanks for giving him voice. Peace…

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