My Man’s Voice by Michelle McEwen

You ever hear you some singing on the radio on one of those a.m. AM stations with a lot of static? You ever hear all that static, but you hear this singing coming right through all clear? My man’s voice is like that— rough but sweet, barbwire and roses. When he picks up the phone, folks, even kin who should know better, on the other end always got something to say about his voice — especially if it’s someone with the wrong number. The other day, some wrong-number-woman called and my man picked up. He said hello and his hello was like a whole soul song floating across the line; the woman tried to keep him on. She asked what he was made of — honey? “You must be with a voice like that.” I heard her ‘cause I was right up under him. I told him to hang up, but he just smiled and kept talking like he knew her from way back. I heard her laughing at everything my man said, so I snatched the phone out his hand and hung up. My man gave me his what-you-wants-to-do-that-for face and I told him it didn’t make sense for him to be talking to that woman when she had the wrong number. I stared at him then — whisk in hand and ready to use it on him — and said, “She had the wrong number, right?” He aw-baby’d me and said, “Yeah.” And upstairs he flew to wait on his dinner.


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10 responses to “My Man’s Voice by Michelle McEwen

  1. Missy

    “One of those a.m. AM station” — LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!

    Love this story, too!

    And love your use of “float”

  2. Randal Houle

    Great story fo rthe theme. All the ways of expressing his voice drawn to great effect. The last line made me laugh.

  3. Beautifully done, Michelle.

  4. Len

    lots of strong stuff in here. loved “barbwire and roses.” and i agree with the others as well. nice job.

  5. ‘barbed wire and roses’ was my favorite line too, but I can’t help thinking that they get way too many wrong numbers. Great voice!

  6. Thanks for the comments!!

  7. Great job with this week’s theme. Some wonderfully energetic lines in this piece. And characters I’d like to know more about, too.

  8. Kim Hutchinson

    Love the voice in this piece, as well as the voice as a take on the theme! Well done!

  9. Great voice. Love ‘barbwire and roses’. Peace…

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