Pillow by Roberta Lawson

In another life, she was a sea-wave. His face creases up a little when she tells him this. He humours her. How did that feel? He sounds like a therapist. She thinks of clear arcs of orgasm washing over her. Of silver horses endlessly rippling forward. Of being a blue-green fluid arc – of just being – salty-fresh, imbued with oxygen. Of endlessly being and becoming – rippling, sparkling; reaching up and diving back under.

How did that feel? He repeats, a little impatient.

She sighs. It felt like nothing.

Nothing he would understand.


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9 responses to “Pillow by Roberta Lawson

  1. Randal Houle

    like a therapist, ha! nothing he would understand… both great lines here. Nice approach to the theme.

  2. Pillow talk about nothing – and everything! nicely done. The undercurrent of sadness in the distance that separates the two characters is palpable too. So much in so few words! Thanks

  3. Len

    so poetic and sharp. you do so much in such a little space here. loved it.

  4. So sexy and yet so unattached. The distance between them is palpable.

  5. The use of imagination in this one, and how far apart two people can be given what has just taken place, or could still… love it!

  6. Particularly liked the beginning. Lovely story.

  7. Kim Hutchinson

    Lovely imagery in this. Nice.

  8. Wonderfully economical, yet conveys so much so well. Peace…

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