Rock, Roll, et al. by Catherine Davis

She looks for the obit, can’t find. Over and over, looks. Nothing. Nothing except something touching her shoulder.

Follow me.
Corridors, doors, along and along, no time to notice that this last is the stage door – she was so suddenly there in the blare and glare.
You can sit here if you’re quiet. She was. The next night too, and so on.
You can dance if you don’t get in the way. She wasn’t. Anything but in the way right to the Pyramid Club. Go4, YMG, OMD, XTC, Human Sexual Response, she can.
Byline: gossip, so the usual. Bars, huge stars, passes, releases, buses, backstage and blow. Mostly the music – she can dance. Sex, of course, don’t be dim.
A compromised sort of salvation, but she liked it. Called her Pokey, to disguise her true role as goddess-object. Eventually tired of his toe licking, she walked her combat boots out of there.

Christmas card written on Thursday: I wanted to write you while I still could – news from the doctor isn’t good. The death Friday. Call from the daughter, Sunday: was so very fond of you.Wondering. But what?
Daughter said death had nothing to do with his illness. News not that bad. All she would say.
No obit.
Something touching her shoulder – was it Friday night?
She takes their picture to the shrine in the next room.
Only rock and roll, reminds herself now. She liked it. So? It wasn’t enough.


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11 responses to “Rock, Roll, et al. by Catherine Davis

  1. Randal Houle

    Interesting approach to the theme. The scene is in flux and she seems to be living in the moment and looking back also.

  2. Choppy pacing enhances the movement of time, I think. Nice.

  3. Len

    i’ve never read anything like this. you have your own style. very original and inventive.

  4. Catherine Davis

    Appreciate you all for coming to read and commenting. Randal, yes, I believe she is. Susan, good to hear response to pacing. And Len, why thank you…

  5. It almost seemed like she was creating her own obit…

  6. I like the idea of creating one’s own obit (without getting all morbid and creepy dark!) and this seems to be the way I read into the highly creative piece also. Your writing never ceases to amaze me.

    • Catherine Davis

      Robert, what a way to start my day! This from you – I’m thrilled.

      (After ending last day with rant about why they feel compelled to get that rejection in your face, just under the wire, at the end of the week – Sunday night, which we all know is gloom city, already.)

      Clearly so that so I can start this week fresh, of course. With a lovely note from lovely you. Thank you for reading my work, and for your generosity.

  7. Love the way the story unfolds cinematically, pan in, pan out. Poignant stuff, and honest. Peace…

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  9. Kim Hutchinson

    This is lovely. An obit to a younger self. I liked it a lot.

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